Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy?

The biggest news in science fiction, of course, was the first issue of Quantum Fairy Tales hitting the stands. But the second biggest news was the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney.

What does the Clockwork Gnome think about this? I think it’s about time!

We should just give up now and hand over everything to Disney. I’m serious when I say that. They do everything better. Really, they do.We recently went to Disney World as a family and then about a year later went to LegoLand. Hands down, Disney was a million times better, and not just because they have all the classic characters under licensing lock and key. It’s because they are smart. They know how to make lines seem shorter, how to make everyone feel equally important, how to get you to spend money like nobody’s business. Someone in that company knows what they are doing. In fact, I’m pretty sure they sold their soul to Satan in the 90’s.

I am also not ashamed to say that Episodes I-III of Star Wars sucked so much I haven’t seen them since they were in the theaters. I won’t even let my Star Wars crazy kids watch them. They just suck that bad. Now if Mickey is in charge, I’m pretty sure we’re guaranteed more than a good special effects show. Why? Because Disney has the cash, know-how, and a killer team to do this legacy up right.

Why am I talking like a hillbilly? Because I’m passionate about this! I grew up having nightmares that I was in the trash compactor with Luke and Leia! It means something to me! And I feel like Lucas gave birth to some pretty amazing characters but then he kept them home and coddled them and made them home-school through college where he did some home movies jacked up in front of a blue screen. Now he’s finally letting them go – it’s about time!

How do you feel? Is anyone out there really weeping over this? Does anyone really think Disney is going to ruin it more than Lucas has? Is anyone else dying to tour Ewok village or the Millennium Falcon in person? Cause you know that’s first on Disney’s to-do list… Star Wars Theme Park! Yes!

Let me leave you with my favorite Star Wars You Tube video to rock out with while you frame your replies… May the force be with you mousketeers!

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