October 2012's Contributors

October 2012's Contributors

Quantum Fairy

Chris Coray is a computer geek by day, ghost hunter by night. He’s been writing Sci-Fi since his mother sneezed and gave birth to him in their space pod. Currently, he’s out of the country at the Norwegian Poltergeist Festival but hopes to be home with all limbs intact before the end of the year. Watch out, he’s wicked good with a comma.

Ninja Monkey

Eric J Ehlers wrote his first story age age 3 about a UFO that didn’t invade Earth because a small, barking dog scared them away. He’s been writing ever since, and in the last three decades has shown a modicum of improvement. Eric has previously edited and had his writing featured in the Leading Edge and The Official Time-Waster’s Guide. Currently he’s living the dream of being surrounded by beautiful women — most of them are his daughters. The cat sympathizes when he’s not killing small woodland animals.
Tweet Eric @SaintEhlers or follow his occasional blog, I Have the Conch.

Clockwork Gnome

Leigh Statham recently acquired internet access in her North Carolina prison cell where she has been incarcerated for stealing her children’s Halloween candy. She enjoys the quiet time in jail where she can write dark poems and creepy stories to her heart’s content but sadly, misses her long Saturday morning runs and baking cookies for the munchkins who turned her in. She’s hopes to be out by Christmas. Follow her on twitter @LeighStatham or Facebook.

Amy Amini

Amy Amini

Amy Amini hales from the Rocky Mountains but is currently Midwested. In her spare time she enjoys the feel of new socks, the taste of dark chocolate, and everything about multicolored sprinkles on cupcakes. She hates multicolored sprinkles on doughnuts.
(Graffiti artist: Bansky)

Tim Barzyk

Tim Barzyk

Tim Barzyk enjoys science, writing, reading, collecting old toys, and using his imagination. Why? Cuz it’s fun. He likes fun. He has a few degrees and pretty diplomas. The University of Chicago was nice enough to give him a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences. He sent in some box tops and got an M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from there too. Before that, He studied Geology and Math at Indiana State University — yes, home of Larry Bird. Long live the Bird.

Gnatty Elf

Natalie has been writing since she was a wee lass, her first masterpiece being “Animals of the World”, a three act play, in which she kindly forced her younger siblings to participate. She’s currently majoring in English Literature at Utah Valley University and working toward the lofty, nerdy goal of teaching British Literature classes. A collection of cardigans and tweed blazers has already begun. A part-time paranormal investigator, Whovian and Ringer (LOTR), Natalie seeks out adventure whether it be in a book, the Tardis, or a moonlit cemetery. “You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.” — Neil Gaiman

John Krissilas

John Krissilas is an archaeologist turned ad man turned sci-fi/fantasy writer from Toronto, Canada. Although you won’t find him at a department store fighting off jumpsuit-wearing shopping guilds, you will find him hanging out on his blog and tweeting the night away (@JohnKrissilas). He’s currently working on a pair of novels, and hopes to take over the Internet, one Gnomie at a time…

JeanMarie Olivieri

A poet, a pirate, and a mystic, JeanMarie Olivieri is currently unemployed and aimless in Durham, NC, and the author of a poetry chapbook of nursery rhyme parodies.

Phoebe Randall

Phoebe Randall is a 17 year old high school student in Arizona, the vast land of dry skin and cacti.She is  obsessed with video games and animated movies and hopes go into either animation or game design. But Phoebe’s heart lies with traditional media and is most comfortable working with classical art materials. You can check out more of Phoebe’s awesome talent at DeviantArt.
She is currently accepting commissions and can be contacted by emailing editor@quantumfairytales.com

Catherine Scully

Cat Scully

Fan of monsters that you kill versus ones that you date, Catherine Scully is a Writer and Illustrator of all things dark and whimsical. She writes young adult horror and works in graphic design brand management. She can usually be found watching Sam Raimi movies with her husband, son, and pet rabbits.

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