Coming Halloween 2012

Coming Halloween 2012

Once upon a time a space monkey, a ghost hunter and a hunchback poet came together on the interwebsups accutane. Each one brought their deep space dreams and magical elfin visions  and used them to created a collaborative space where they could share the dreams of others dabbling in the puddles under the umbrella of speculative fiction.

So, come one! Come all! To the quarterly ugly bug ball!

Bring your short stories, poems, drawings and epic serial choose-your-own-adventure novels – as long as they fall into the genre of Spectacular Speculative Fiction.
(Newbies: This means Scifi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Horror and Paranormal.)

Keep it relatively clean. Keep it interesting. Keep it original and keep it under 10k words (for now).

Email us: editor -at- awaits your genius!

Live long and prosper,

The NinjaMonkey, QuantumFairy & ClockworkGnome


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